Here at Ballytag kennels we strive to give our owners the best we possibly can at all times, each year we look to improve things and move the kennels forward.

We currently have 45 owners, who are welcome to visit the kennels at any time, with Sunday morning being the main day for owners to meet up and walk their dogs in the local countryside and to have a friendly cuppa.

We are always looking to train new dogs for new owners, whether that’s a graded dog to run at Hove or an open dog you would like to travel the country with.

Hove is a fantastic track to run your dogs at, the track being a big galloping track of 515m and very fast, the facilities at the track are also very good and with 5 meetings a week the dogs get regular races.

Jason would welcome any enquiry about ownership,  07920005576 (Jason)

Any owner that would like to add a video onto the site, please email me and I will do my best to add it.